Sun and faint stars


Good day everyone.

It’s been sometime, and its also literally 14days to 2015. AND 6 days to my results which is probably going to be more demoralising than a load off my shoulders. I need to get the mindset in that this is already my last lap so I don’t have to lump so much stress on myself because this is getting unhealthy. Gonna start but leaving this topic here.


Well anyway this break has been pretty happening, considering the weizhu standards because I’ve been out at least twice every week! Mainly because of work but that’s a pretty good improvement. Met up with some new and old friends and it has been lovely. I love it when you meet someone after a long long while with minimal contact but nothing its different, it was as if we just meet each other again after just a few days. I like that feeling. The feeling of smooth conversation flow puts me at ease because everytime I step out of my door I hold the slight fear that today might not go the way I envisioned it to be. And I like my company when we start going into topics beyond shallow everyday talks. Speaking of which I have no idea why some just have the character to totally irritate me yet not, YET, put me off. While thats an interesting friend I would take a long time to get used to. Otherwise I would say my current non academic mental situation is going pretty well. But I shall not jinx it and let history repeat itself. Hurr the horror.

I like the slow smooth flowy kinda of things. Especially conversations. Not literally, just the figure of speech. But as someone who thinks so much out of nothing, it often seems confusing and unreliable. Thats why I take so long.


Also my middle name seems to be Emily now. LOL went a little overboard in Kino the other day and again a few days ago with Too and we decided to both get a commitment and follow the same middle name. I kid but its kind of the same because we finally stopped wimping out of the Kino card and got one together. Which is my baby because for 2 years I will frequent Kino. Probably due the the stress built up that I foreseen I will get that requires destress strategies in Kino.

ALSO I GOT AN EASTER EGG. Like you know those you get in DVDs the little surprise clip within that no one previously knew about? I got it in the copy of this book I’m going to share below because IT HAS THE AUTHOR’S SIGNATURE. HOLY PEAS AND DREAMS OF ALL BOOKGEEKS.  I hit the jackpot. Just wanted to share it. Best thing that happened all week.

Ebb and flow

She yearns to learn

       how his tide is turned,

      to understand

      each grain of sand,

      he knows.

To move in rhythm,

     in his ebb and flow.

– Love & Misadventures, Lang Leav


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