“Man alone measures time. Man alone chimes the hour. And, because of this, man alone suffers a paralyzing fear that no other creature endures. A fear of time running out.” – Mitch Albom






-ubtly hope that this start is not going to be another long winded sad post of me lamenting about the life I claim to live.  Aye guys.

Well isn’t that a good start! Moving on, I had one hell of a week trying to cram what I have learnt about mathematics since 2007 to 2013 back into my brain, which proved to be quite a hefty amount, that I did not realise when I happily skipped out of school after returning them to my educators. YAY ME! As I sit now typing this I am also silently praying to the higher ups that maybe I can pass the sad truth of a test and move on with life. Talk about multi-tasking. I am going to have another english test next week, also commonly known as the QETs, in which I actually feel better about rather than the maths one. Is it because I have read a lot more since my O levels (aka the year of 2010. I’m so fucking old right now) or is it because I have lost touch with the language of my people that I seem to believe I will do well. I wonder.

Speaking about books, it has been approximately, I think, 4 months since I last bought a book (Physically it feel likes a bloody eternity but we all know what being a book nerd does to one’s concept of time, RIGHT?). Maybe I can list down a few of the books on my TO-GET list.

Here is goes:

Kafka by the Shore by Haruki Murakami

Girl Reading by Katie Ward

Looking for Alaska by John Green

Papertowns also by John Green

Annabel by Kathleen Winters

The Girls with Glass Feet by Ali Shaw

Kafka by the Shore by Haruki Murakami

Myths and Legends by Philip Wilkinson

The Complete Adventures of Sherlock Holmes

The Strange Cases of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde by Robert Louis Stevenson

Mister Blue by Jacques Poulin

Mark Twain’s Complete Series

Kafka by the Shore by Haruki Murakami I NEED THIS BOOK I got the audio version but it does not, DOES NOT cut it.

SO MANY BOOKS. SO LITTLE TIME. SUCH A PATHETIC BANK ACCOUNT. I lied about the listing a few part. Actually my list grows every time I visit a book store or see a good quote somewhere. Yes one sentence is enough to make me buy a book. I am that easily manipulated.

And also

MY LOTR SERIES WHY HAVE I NOT GET THEM I HAVE NO IDEAmaybe because of my bank statement but that worry is for another day




Books too. Actually taste is a fine study if you ask me. There is a big difference between those who like Rock and Pop. Same goes to people who like Classics, and people with like Mysteries. I like my music, my books like I like my food. I like them savoury, but some days I like them sweet. Some times, I don’t mind them getting burnt and maybe a few times I even like the ‘norm’. I like the spice, I don’t mind the sourness or the faint minty taste. It all depends on how its presented.

Yes I judge my books by its cover. Like my food, if I may reiterate.

Books are my escape. Each time I flip a page I feel as if I am literally flipping a page of my unhappiness away. Shutting them down on the dark parts of my day. I live a life like not other, I enter the character’s tiny piece of heaven, or hell depending on what I was reading to be honest.

Well this post has took a turn unexpectedly. I like writing this way, it calms me. Not that I am a nervous hyperventilating wreck constantly but doing randomass blog posts makes me feel good. Like a cat with a box.


School will start literally in a month’s time. I am very nervous. Not kidding.



Till next time! Anyone actually takes time to read up till this point who is not me, you are really nice and have quite an attention span. I applaud you!

Tell me I’m wrong.


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