Have you ever


feel like a pack of frozen peas spilled from your assigned rack down on the hard tiled floor of a supermarket and have no one clearing you up because, its not their job and the one person whose should do so is nowhere to be found?



I don’t really know why I thought of that all of a sudden but it just feels like that sometimes. Not now per say, but sometimes.

Its basically just going to be a book quote and comment post I guess. Too broke to buy new books so I have to now satisfy my need but short excepts online.


Probably as I wrote previously, this new beginning thing made me think a lot more than usual, which is tonnes to be honest. Anyway I think its a phase whereby I go through seemingly on monthly basis. I think about life and feel lost and thereafter find some enlightenment and then get motivated etc and move one. And then feel good for a while before I sink into the sad downward spiral again. How much weirder can I get, I surprise myself daily.




Fitting was always a problem.



But maybe I am not alone in this?





Its been a while since my last song of the day. Here’s a song that might not appeal to the masses.


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