Eccentricity or.



Instant relief after I was done with my trip updates. Currently I have no idea why I even carried on with it, it was kind of like those things you start out of curiosity and then regret but you could not just stop midway because that wouldn’t be nice without proper closure. I also wanted to record some of the things down because my memory is seriously like a goldfish’s. But I fervently feel like they were the worst posts of my blog and talking about my life is probably going to bore any possible readers I even have. To be utterly honest, I feel extremely insecure. Why would any one be interested in what I’m doing? I do realise this platform is mainly for my pleasure and I will and are probably the only one reading it but still putting things out I feel like its a subtle call for attention. Even I think I’m weird. But seriously though, I don’t even know why I feel this way. I guess I am more comfortable writing about weirdass neutral things like life. And to think those would be actually more of a bore wouldn’t it.

Well anyway 1 is the kind of nightsky you will get to see in Mount Everest base camp. Legit the best kind.




I miss the feeling of being detached from civilisation but also not quite because I am quite the tech slave but also yet still like the detached feeling. If that even makes sense. I think its the slow realisation of having to move on further in life that made me fearful of what’s to come and altogether a tad more sensitive than usual. This whole repetition of the exposing-yourself-period is pretty darn scary. Especially when you are quite the bore.

Meanwhile TFIOS movie was quite a letdown. It was overall a great film that caught the gist of the book, but I still think it could have been so much more. Maybe I’m just being overly sceptical as a book person (kind of reminds me of the time when the Hobbit came out, disappointment. ) but it was meh… Though I still teared up in mist if the film, it has to be mentioned I cried while reading the book itself. Also the 2 hour movie, compared to the 3 hours I spent reading the book… Not very impressive.


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