#2 PA


PAnic Attacks


Basically the main things going on in Nepal during my stay. Let’s start from the beginning shall we.

Day 1-4: Pokhara

Where I left off we had guns pointing at us and I was attempting to smuggle my stone out of Tibet. As we proceed to cross the bridge our Singaporean passports emits it’s golden aura and brought us safely through all checks. And thereafter we went on to lug our suitcases for what seemed like a considerably long distance to apply for our Nepalese visa. ( I think I failed to mention how ridiculously expensive are all the visas we got this trip. My heart and soul and their wallets are still bleeding. ) 

It was a tiny little room, with a tiny little counter that was filled with tourists and their gigantic backpacks trying to communicate. It was lucky we had someone from the hotel fetching us and helping us with the visas because the European couple next to us got scammed of 25 Euros when the visa was actually 25USD. Well all that aside we then lugged our luggages down the rocky path for half an eternity to a jeep. Which was seriously the tiniest shit ever for 5 people and 5 luggages. I thought it was fine, because like, how bad can it be you know? VERY VERY BAD. It was a 10 hours ride from the border to Pokhara, and we were stopped for god knows how many times by the troops from ‘checks’ and also thank god, saved by our SGrean status. And I was legit about to shit bricks because my bag was searched and the soldier saw my precious (the stone) AND TOOK IT OUT. But she was cool she just asked if I like stones and returned it to me. Not to mention from a 14-18degree Celcius in Tibet to a 30 odd degrees in Nepal was a dramatic change in temperature and we were all super tired out and the jeep oh the jeep was just not the best way to travel in a hot weather. All the bottled water was grossly hot and the about of pollution and sand in the air is like, it made me feel like I’m in a blender of horrible substances. One thing about the ride that seriously scared me was Nepal’s two lane roads. One to and one fro. On a flat ground and on a cliff. My mind went several times to the moment where I got flashbacks of my life and I prayed for my soul. Their monster trucks going in both directions and our driver trying to cut all the slow vehicles… I would call it an unforgettable experience. Not to mention random cows and goats crossing the roads causing a public mayhem. But nevertheless it was fun, it a twisted kind of way.

Anyway all the torment aside, it was utter bliss when we reached the hotel finally at almost midnight and god when I saw the beds and the shower I was in heaven. Hot water with toilet bowl. Cold bottled water. Seriously at this anything could have easily made me sell my soul for. Despite their timely power outage when I was showering all was cool. Though I did struggle to save my vision from the shampoo war in pitch dark and also to dry and dress myself in darkness. The hotel we stayed in was actually kind of in the heart of the tourist area in Pokhara and the hosts were super nice and gave us great deals in transfer rates and all the fun stuffs like trekking and paragliding and also the bus to Kathmandu.

We rested an entire day eating food from the hotel which was surprising good, especially the veggie burger. No shit. When we finally decided to do something touristy we went on a morning hike up Sarangkot to catch the sunrise, me in my trusty converse sneakers to which I regretted wearing because who the fuck goes trekking and all in sneakers.




We also saw ninja goats,


and some marijuana.. 20140523_110549

and there was plenty of dogs there to traumatise me and also the Tibetan guide lied when he told me Nepal has lesser dogs. That fucking hound followed us all the way up I swear I could have combusted and died. Never did I know it was just the start of my Nepal trauma…


Here’s me trying to smile for the gopro. My mindset was, if I ever want to commit suicide this will probably put running off a cliff out of my list of ways to die. Below is a short recollection of what happened.

Guide: When I say walk, we walk towards the edge, ok?

Me: OK

Guide: And when I say run, we run off together. You have to run, ok?

Me: OK

When the winds comes,

Guide: Walk!

Me: wait what

Guide RUN! 

Me: HUH?



and I flew.


And there I went flying up to 1600feet above the cliff, getting dizzy from happiness because the feeling when you are up in the air, priceless. Although for the guide is was 20 odd minutes of awkward silence and my occasional wtfs and gasps. He probably thought I was about to die at some point because he kept checking if I’m still awake and fine…


Day 4-8: Kathmandu


We took the greenline bus to Kathmandu( notice the crack on the front, there was enough forewarnings), which lasted 7 hours however was much more enjoyable than the jeep due to the legroom and the complimentary buffet lunch. Aaaand we got to Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal. The lovely host from the family we were crashing came to fetch us and then begin my mental torture.

Some pre story, while looking for accommodation back in Singapore we found several apartments and host families but this was the only one with free transport free culinary lessons free breakfast and all that, of course its was the most appealing one. But I never wanted this family because THEY ALREADY STATED THAT THEY OWNED A DOG BUT NO ONE LISTENED BECAUSE ITS JUST A DOG RIGHT WHAT HARM CAN IT BRING. Peer pressure I went into the downward spiral of emotional turmoil. I sound really angsty but seriously I’m just glad its over because there aint going to be a next time. I still love you guys.

Continuing from where I left off, it turns out they actually own 2 dogs. 2. One of them a giant hound of god knows what ancestry which are fucking scary he literally barks at the metal gate every time we try to enter or much less knock sounding like he is going to burst through the metal and pound on us making minced meat out of us. Not exaggerating one bit for this hound, maybe for the other one but not this one because the others are equally frightened by this spawn of devil. This dog in the house was the typical household pet kind of dog, and my first encounter with him left me with a severe panic attack that I never thought I would have experience again for year. I never exactly thought I have a phobia, because I can deal with dogs per say, but not when they are motioning to come in my direction. I swear, if anyone knows what a panic attack feels like, it was the worst feeling ever. I felt so sorry towards the others because I was behaving like a spoilt burden. But well I will leave it at that, but the rest of trip I was in an uptight mode all the time. I don’t think my heart rate or trembling hands have gone by now. I totally suck.

All that aside, the very first meal we had in Kathmandu was a disaster, because 3 of us went down with food poisoning and one ended up in a hospital. So that means staying in the house for 3 out of 4 days there, adding to my misery but I guess they are feeling much worst, I could still stay in the room and do stuff. And this is what I did, and more.


We did go out on the last day, got a accupressure massage and cracked all my bones. The kind hosts even drove us around to the monkey temple and Thamel. Oh I forgot to mention that the host’s husband is a doctor that actually help treat the sick souls in our times of need. And the grandma looks after us like babies. Truly a great family minus the house pets.


Worth it. And we were off to Yunnan.


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