From Lhasa, Tibet, to Pokhara, Nepal and then Kathmandu and finally Yunnan, Kunming. It has been a long awaited time.

Long story short, this is a sneak blog post because I currently do not have the energy to sit in front of the laptop and type my thoughts away. Sad. I have the Travellers Diarrhoea.

Yes its a legit illness.

Yes the doctor told me so.

No its not a cliche hipster term I thought of. Although I totally would.

Anyway that was a severe understatement. You feel terribly ill, you puke, you – GRAPHIC DETAILS-  literally shit lumpy pieces of green god know what liquid, and you feel cramps, bloated-ness and have every urge to burp and puke but most of the time you can’t. AND you lose all appetite, head hurts everywhere hurts. Zero energy and walking and standing even going to the loo is a chore. NIGHTMARE.

But all those aside, it was a great trip. Still am recovering and I signed up for a camp the day after. Yay to my great fore planning. Lets hope I survive to tell the tale.

Cheers. I am off to lie in bed like a sick pumpkin. Have you seen one? Lucky you.


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