“That adventure was crumbier than a big ole biscuit” — Tree Trunk


Do you want to go on an adventure?

YES PLEASE!!! Iamsoosososososososossooooooooooexcitedddddddddddddddddddddddddd

Okay my apologies excitement does not give me any excuse to type like I am using my knees. BUT back to thee main point…

I AM GOING ON A ROADTRIP! Technically not a legit roadtrip because it would be 2015 if I did travel by car/bus/train up to the destinations so it is kind of like a mini roadtrip CROSS COUNTRIES. AHHHH

YES ITS GONNA BE. The only sad part is that I wouldn’t be able to work for 3 weeks and also will be spending for the 3 weeks, my normal no school 3 weeks will be me staying home and going out once or on good days twice hence I save a considerable sum (YAY COUCH POTATOES). So soon my bank account is gonna take a plunge down the abyss of broke-ass teens which would be me.  But do I sound like I felt bothered? NO. Let the future me bother with the lack of sums and let me rejoice!

I have been wanting a “Grad Trip” every since well, after I unofficially graduated in march… But all the plans I seem to make just got cancelled for all the reasons I maybe should have considered but didn’t so I rather forget about them. No Hong Kong, no Bangkok not even Malaysia. I was going to resign to my sad pile of life when my sister popped out and asked if I wanted to join her on her “Grad Trip” – the annotations for “Grad Trip” is my take on the trip because this phase is so over used but I had to use it I feel obliged to, in order to state my points so – with a few of her friends/acquaintances. But it will be later in May, which by now is pretty soon. The places they wanted to go were places I always dreamt of going and those places, my circle of friends would rather not go ( refer to ‘all the reasons’ above). SO WHOOP 3 weeks or so, with our little pack I might be going on my first adventure yet! Without protection and people taking care of me like all my life my trips overseas was with my schools. Well once when I was 6 with my parents. Kinda cheating here because I am still going with my elder sister and older acquaintances so I would be pretty much be in care I would say but as close as it gets man, I’ll take it. So basically the few days I am feeling like


Note: Malaysia is not considered overseas. We have a linking freaking causeway. Just no.


Also being abnormally paranoid I just couldn’t help thinking too much. What if we get caught up with border troubles? What if we couldn’t get our visas? What if the guest houses we found are unsafe? What if the host are psychos and no one will even know! What if we lose our stuff? What if the car breaks down in the middle of the valley? There wouldn’t be anyone we are surrounded by mountains and the only living things around us are plants and goats. All the horrible what ifs I curse my past self who is so adamant on watching all CI’s shows on TV/cue couch potato/. Worrier never stops.


But I think we can do well out there, I have faith in each of our survival skills, more on their’s though. Although I have not actually met any of the people I am supposed to be travelling with and also, we have no set the places we are going yet. There are talks but no fixed schedule or places to be at. Impromptu kind of trip. Like a road trip, just keep going on and meet new people, see wonderful things and live life.

13 "Adventure Time" Quotes To Get You Through A Rough Day


Anyway I wanted to make this platform more colourful. I have been reading back on my past posts, it was majority paragraphs and paragraph of words. Some were pretty intense. I wanted to document more of my life so it seems less mundane and also so I would try new things and come back to read about how silly I was. Maybe take some pictures and include them in here.

Self Mission: Take worthy shots of my trip soon and from then on, make this platform a little bit more positive and lively.

Also yesterday was a bit of a damp day emotionally and I guess thats why I locked up the previous post. No worries I will be fine because we have grown over the little petty state I was in.

13 "Adventure Time" Quotes To Get You Through A Rough Day

But I still love them. Till the next post!



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