University thoughts.


 me, and my future

Obviously a rant.

Growing up in Singapore is hard enough (education and mental stress levels wise, I do get that we are all developed and stuff don’t jump on me I am content), being a student in a polytechnic that are part of those who are struggling to get to a local university is harder. HARDER. If I were to describe the equivalent mental image of this to someone it would probably be

Imagine a sea, but filled not with water but with people and everyone is drowning in sweat and tears and blood trying to get to the other side and the more financially capable ones get boats and sails and fly to freedom ashore or sometimes to any shore(country). OH NO but what happens to the average ones? The valedictorians or the almost valedictorians and all their counterparts ( talented skilled awesome perfect beings that are flawless )  will be scooped up by the warm hands of scholarship providers and delivered safely to wherever they desire.

The others being like this

ps  note the paddle. sigh we get jabbed in the faces by the passing boats. (metaphorically our hearts feels like its being jabbed)
I know I am being extreme over here, its not THAT bad but the main point is there. I get how some people say everyone knows JC is the route to university and when we picked the poly route we knew what we are going into. We can’t expect the chances to be equal and I think that’s fair because we can get a job with our diplomas but JC students no matter how great the results probably require a degree. But some people don’t have much of a choice perhaps due to bad o level results or what not, and when they see the 10-15% chance of getting to the university from the poly route you jolly well know they will take it.
See the fact is in Singapore we are so moulded to the point that most of us believe without a degree we might as well be living in a farm the rest of our lives but that is not possible because again we are in Singapore we are too small to have a rural area. You either get a degree or you dishonour your entire friggin ancestry. OKAY going over-broad there but you know seriously.
While 2 is the average for the rest of the world, within ourselves we all know the average for a poly student aiming for university is a 3.5, and I’m being lenient over here. I just find it so sad that a good student with good CCA records and less then perfect GPA say 3.7-3.9 to a perfect 4, most of the time are not considered in good degree courses. Much less scholarships. Working our butts off for a Gold with honours and sometimes our best just are not as outstanding as the gifted and we get letters and interviews and are never contacted again. Tonnes of examples to the point where I think maybe the interviews are just a front to show the rest of the citizens like HEY we gave them a fucking chance don’t complain of unfairness. Aaaaand they scoop up the aces from top JCS and a less than 10 top poly students. Yes they are that countable. Not against them and their obvious talent, but against mine and so many others struggles of being less than perfect.
What can I say, it is not enough now just to be the cream of the corp, you just have to be the cherries on top.

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