A for Alcohol or Age



Right? I never got to break free of the “Kid’s Drink” status. It seems that everyone in my life is slowly getting into the phase where they enjoy the widely celebrated taste of wine and liqueur and I am still wound up in my cot celebrating the wonders of soda and tea. Or maybe rather than cot I can say my rocking chair because I really love tea. /internal old lady rises/
I tried a sparkling wine today and hated it. I had cider too and hated it. I tried martini too and hated it so much. Fucking sips of cocktails and my head hurts. I mean some teas are bitter too why don’t I seem to enjoy drinks I am bewildered. WHY. They always say that if you tried more often and drank more I will probably get used to it and even begin to love it but if my initial sips are always a torture would that day ever come…….

I guess my life will always be about mocktail at social conventions. And even mocktail sucks. Like my unique burden of a taste. Pretty much going to be the kid that purchases overpriced tea and soda at hangouts. Shoot me.


To lighten the spirits anyway here’s a hot guy of the day.




I am so disappointed at myself I had to make a post. Wow adulthood seem to be coming at me. YAY to overpriced teas!


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