“Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds that you plant.”― Robert Louis Stevenson


Its been a wonderful weekend. I went to

a lovely Wedding, – So so so sweet. It was really nice, and being the first partially traditional chinese  wedding tea ceremony I saw, it was awesome!  There were pretty china, cute little gift jars, lots of sweets and a bundle of joy. The newly wed will be blessed and wished. ^^

visited a few real nice Cafes, – Two words. Good Food.

watched 2 motivational Movies, – Secret Life of Walter Mitty, a lot better than expected because I thought it would be a romance film that usually bores me. BUT NO. It was thy greatest film I am glad I caught in 2013. In terms of mental motivation at the very least. I feel the initial protagonist. The movie really makes one think about life, dreams and mentality. The other was 47 Ronin, not so much motivational but it was all about respect, honour and dignity. Nuff said.

and last but not least,

took part in a competition that surprised me at the end.   – I was so scared because everyone possibly involved are so good, and it wasn’t like poomsae where you set your mind on to a set of moves and do it right. There was no need to smile and there was certainly not as crowd drawing. The thought of all the eyes staring and picking out every little mistake was horrible. But it turned out fine, despite having no competitors in the category, which I am still unsure if it’s a blessing or a loss, we did what we could. I would say I wasn’t at my best performance but what there to complain about? The team had fun and enjoyed, that was the main point.


Perspective. Perspectives. Sometimes I wonder what I see that makes me think of what I feel and what I want is really factual. Or is it the many faces of life that I perceive daily, different with my mood plated glasses?


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