No one loses their innocence. It is either taken or given away willingly. — Tiffany Madison



“Writing isn’t talking.

I don’t even have to open my mouth for you to know exactly what I think.

Writing is cowardly.

People shield with the a keyboard and stab with the pen. They don’t say what they really feel out loud, in person.”


Funny how just a few sentences I randomly chanced upon online easily gets to me. I relate to it. Feels true. I guess I am not a sad soul living in her own bubble now because HEY, someone just hit bull’s eye with my thoughts. But I still feel put off by the fact that I actually do see myself as a cowardly person. Ego does not like that. Not one bit. But is cowardice really a trait of negativity? Is being afraid and insecure a necessary attribute to a bad character? Of course it has it’s flip side and like all other things there is no definite answer as to how it really is. Different thoughts and minds construct a different definition. And again it comes down to whom holds the higher social stand, as all, if not majority will fall towards his/her thinking, because no one likes to the ‘different one’.




Took up too many commitments and now getting a sniff of the stress. But stress is good! Feeling the heat always give me a mixture of anxiety and adrenaline rush to push through. Kind of like tying a carrot on a stick on the rabbit’s back. You feel the weight but you see the goal too. The weight is now a drive. Let’s hope I thought this out correctly… I have to do something about my online shopping addiction, I do not certainly possess the monetary means to do that as often as I currently do. God help me. Okay getting real uncomfortable with the red wiggly line beneath the word ‘online’. Is it not a correct term? Pretty sure its a word in the dictionary….OR IS IT??? Gosh. 

Meanwhile it always is nice when you see people from the past getting together and holding the same desire to reconnect. Feeling warm and fuzzy inside right now. Like it ^^ 


You have no idea what is going to happen after this because, again, you are not me. Yet as for me, publishing this and right after I am finishing, checking first for grammar, that with that, all of this text, everything, itself as of one whole feeling and that is how I am right now, that in publishing this, each page like is own book, in that way I can myself finish what I could have never done myself, and by that I mean leave satisfied. 





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