“You’ll be safe here,” says a whisper behind you.



Fainted soul whose life be grey,

Never to saw the morning day.

Trapped beneath a silent tomb,

Of years that stretched in thinly boon.

But on one fateful day, to sudden snap,

Where hearts begun to filled the gap.

Careful streams you walk in regret,

Never to cautious of a simple reset.

– A Youtube comment”

Just wanted to share something.

Seven lights in the window.
Seven lights in the hall.
Seven lights, seven lights, all in all.

Six notes in the melody.
Six notes form a dirge.
Six notes to rid you of the urge.

Five ways of escaping.
Five ways all blocked off.
Five ways, each one broken and lost.

Four words in a whisper.
Four words in your ear.
Four words that fill you up with fear.

Three taps of a finger.
Three taps on a wall.
Three taps as you try to stall.

Two eyes wide and desperate.
Two eyes squinting scared.
Two eyes open, yes, but nothing there.

One light in the window.
One light in the hall.
One light, one light, all in all.  

Taco Bell. Live mas.  

Welcome to Night Vale Podcast.



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