Existential Crisis.


this picture doesn’t just speaks a thousand words. It yells.

Maybe I am yelling too. Or pretending that I am. I no longer understand.

Sudden realization - FunSubstance.com

‘Cept I am not 8.

But still perhaps still quite young to consider such emotions to be a ‘crisis’ but it feel kind of like it. Like the purpose I used to hold seemed to be filled with uncertainty now. The activities I used to hold so high in my list seem to be faltering. I don’t know if I should do things, might sound weird but I could go for anything before without questioning myself.

Maybe I am such a person. Maybe I just don’t pack the character to be good enough.

Meanwhile I found out the scholarships got to be applied only after graduation, for they require merits. Its a fight or day for my dream. Praying for the strength and determination to pull through. For once, the things I dream about will come true. No longer will I be the one that sits and cry when things play out differently. Even I despise myself.


Putting my hesitations down to words, so I could live in the day and remember in the night.

Being a whiny wuss couldn’t help, but it will help my sleep.


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