“We often confuse what we wish for with what is.” ― Neil Gaiman



What goes in your mind when you look across the horizon? Pass your bedroom window, through the concrete skyline?

I see nothingness. Not the general the world is filled with nothing and we are all but a small being that means nothing depressing kind of thought. No. But I see the clouds, if any, and I think, you see cloud changes it’s form very so often, and still people know nothing within them changes, they are never actually gone or altered. Its just a phase of the cycle.

I think that doesnt work for humans, although it will be really pleasant if it does, so much less images tarnished.

Clouds also signify dreams. At least to me. Because when I dream a dream, I put the dream image in a cloud.

You know I have been talking to everyone about my dream, so much so that sometimes I wonder if its really what I want, or it’s something I made myself believe I want, because all I know consciously is that, I want out. Out the shell, out of the normal pathway every singaporean aims to go. Because thats only right.

When I saw something I really love, instincts says go for it but the mind says, can you make a living with it? Answer is, yes, but you are not going to break out of those chains. I can’t live with that. I strive in stress inflicted by me on myself and maybe it’s bad, but it’s keeps me rolling. Why is it so hard for a middleclass kid of the society to get education they love without only worrying for the future? Is it singapore? Society? Or me?


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