“I go to Hell like town.” – occasional unintended wisdom


Maybe because I didn’t pluck my wisdom tooth and chuck it into the valley of forgotten souls. 

So weird though, how at ease one could be in one crowd and tense up in one small group. Life.

Anyway I went for the checkup today and the whole time, minus 2/3 of the total spent waiting, was the specialist complaining about how his student was messed up.

  1. He did not explain why I was referred.
  2. I wasn’t the first unknown referral.
  3. He could have done the exact same thing.
  4. and give me the exact same treatment.
  5. and save both time and money for me and the specialist.

He was kind of pissed at him but was still kind to me, maybe because I am going to pay but he mentioned about getting his student’s brain checked instead of my stomach.

Anyway might not have lactose intolerance.


but it might be milk allergy.


is there even a difference.

But yeah I take my life as they come.



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