“Contemplation, rather than action seemed to be my lot in life”



Hi again!

I have been trying to change it, you know, stop contemplating so much and go for it. As the overrated term from Drake the rapper states, YOLO. Some make scientific breakthroughs if they don’t know what is YOLO, because I have seen lil toddlers donning YOLO T-shirts. That aside, I have been doing my best to take up opportunities as they come nowadays and truthfully, I was shocked how often they are actually dropped before me. It’s sad that I didn’t realise that sooner, and now I am already in my last year in poly I want to do as much as I could afford and make it worth. Lots of things I sign myself up for, probably will all be featured here as time goes by, I hope I give as much as I will learn.



Anyway it’s been awhile since my last post, (actually not quite but to me it is maybe blogging has a therapeutic effect and I need my dose often..) I actually saved tonnes of picture quotes and now I need a proper way to incorporate them into my posts. Explains why this is gonna be picture-y.

Well I have been trying, or at least I think I am, as mentioned taking more chances putting myself in the middle of strangers and try to experience things. It seems that I could properly hold conversations with strangers but when it comes to someone I actually know it don’t seem to be all that simple. Its harder, and I wonder why. Maybe I am afraid of losing the friendship, afraid of judgement, but shouldn’t this feeling normally come when I’m dealing with strangers? I have always been less than sane but this baffles me. It is one of those times I post myself a profound question, it will pass, either I give myself an answer or I forget about this sometime later. hmm.




^ Word.

Yeah it could be worse. Tonnes of people have it worse.

But in each and every one of our little worlds, we only know our share of hell. What others went through are all but words. We never know what goes on for everyone. But in my world, what seems to be negligible for you may mean the world to me. If I should be happy and content in your context, then you should be too in mine. We are never that far apart from everyone aren’t we.





Why do you buy books you never read?

It’s like asking someone who lives alone why they bought a cat.

For company of course.


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