“Atticus told me to delete the adjectives and I’d have the facts.”



Today is the 20th of June.

It’s been a while.

Throughout this substantial amount of time I felt like I did and experienced tonnes of things. Again Time was a stealth sprinter that never seemed to be that easily detected till it slipped by me and at that point all I can do is to enjoy the last moments and reminisce the process. It kinda like a painful comfort. Like on one hand you hate to know what currently feels so good is about to end and on the other you can’t wait to drop back to the usual routine. That pace of life you are used to. The norm. I would use reality instead of norm but it sounded too dramatic and unrealistic, for the past few days, were real.

Meanwhile Telunas is a beautiful place. I would totally go there and just relax if I could afford so.


Girl: Thank you.

Me: Um, thank you?

Brain: Dude it’s YOU’RE WELCOME

Me: Life of an awkward individual.




Update.. I thought I would want to note this down.
One of the Telunas instructor ate a hugeass moth. And was real nice and guided me through the swamp, cause unfortunately for others me thy clueless one was all the way up front and its like blind leading the unlucky ones. His name is Kevin. Uber cool.


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