“We live in a world, where sin is romanticised, and the devils love. “


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I don’t feel good. I have things I want to do, places I want to be at right now but I could not. Please take good care of yourselves, because no one wants to end up like me.

“Girl aren’t you still young to have such health problems?”

“Beats me.”




Okay, anyway… Do you believe in horoscopes? I do. I do in a lot of other weird stuffs too. I have three decks of tarot cards which I sometimes just look at for the sake of reassurance I do not know the origin of. No worries, I am not satanic nor am I involved in some cult hoodoo. But I don’t get why Scorpio is always labelled, I quote, the one with the lust, the jealous pot, the epitome of vengeance, cold and heartless, skeptical and a sex maniac.

Maybe I really am and its all just hidden deep in my soul and very DNA and one fine day a breeze will blow, my hair will fly and BAMM THE KRAKEN IS UNLEASHED. Perhaps..

LOL but no thats not what I wanted to talk about ..It was this.

Which caught my attention on tumblr. aaaaand I would say this is the minority good stuff people say about scorpios but it turns out, I can’t relate. My instincts are scary parts of me I wouldn’t advise to touch. I can’t really read people, when I do it is almost always negative and bad that I chuck it aside and try to forget about it. I hated that, it made me over skeptical. And it will make me moody, and negative. I am afraid of negativity in others, in me. I panic because its not under direct control and I have absolutely no idea how to deal. Dealing is a tough nut to crack. Pun intended.

Well meanwhile I CAN’T WAIT TO GRADUATE thoooo I kinda still have a sem and a half. Soon, my dream.. sooon.

And tomorrow shall be my first date with Dr. Bleuferwheels YAY!

Enjoy your weekends everyone and



In case some do not know Dr Bleuferwheels is my new bicycle cum physiotherapist because a Singaporean can hardly depend on the government hospital for physio as it has to cater to the enormous and still growing population.






“Closeness frightens Scorpio because deep down, they fear separation. Abandonment issues? We’ve got ‘em for days.”


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