Don’t you worry child, see heaven’s got a plan for you.

I have supposingly 3 hours from now, to download my project software so I wanted to come here again and pen my thoughts down. Not really penning but it sounded better that way. Seems like I always needed an excuse to blog but it wasn’t necessary. But I do it anyway. I wonder why.


Is it? Well today was the final presentation for the LEX team. Unlike the audience, to us, it was not just a final presentation, it was an end. Well kind of. Because this marks the end of the legitimate reason for us to fight against all responsibilities and meet each other, for work that to us seemed more like a chance for an enjoyable break through the start of our hectic school life. Meeting up isn’t easy. Growing we all know that the longer the period spent apart the further you drift from each other. Of course there are exceptions, and I truly hope we will be that exception. Even if we can’t meet we can still stay close. Sounds really hard, but I really want it to happen because for the very first time, I found confidence in forging friendship with not one, but with a group of people so fast, so easily. I know we felt the same way and thus despite our busy projects and classes, I still see hope in us being a kickass clique no matter what. Last day Last day. We went through this on the last day in Jogja, but it never quite felt this bad. I actually really feel sad. Its was like when I left Xiamen after my immersion program I cried because I know I will never see my buddy ever again. Please don’t make that happen again. I really don’t like tears.

Ok that was sad, so lets smile a bit with some cuteass totoro gif,


We will all work hard right? Because we are awesome like that.

Love you all.



Meanwhile take a moment to appreciate the amount of hotness in just one photo.

p.s.  I think I am going to start introducing myself to new friends as Kaylen. It has a ring to it. HAHaHAH


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