What I kinda feel like.

Meanwhile I am kinda bored now so I wanted to post something. I googled and lots of post were on Fasts about Myself. So Imma do it, sounds time consumingly fun.

  1. I like my alone time. And that includes travel time and walking. But sometimes I like it when people do these things with me. Just some.
  2. I really like my bread flatten. Except croissants, they are cool like that.
  3. I don’t think I have OCD, I am just awfully anal about some weird specific things.
  4. Awfully superstitious, I probably will get kidnapped in a van selling tarot cards.
  5. I don’t like to ask people ‘why’ because I thought if they want to share they would, if not, it’s fine. If i actually asked you that I probably cared. Or just looking for a laugh, sometimes I am mean like that.
  6. I am terribly lazy. So I shall stop.

Till next time.

Anyway, been reading To kill a Mockingbird recently. Doesn’t everyone have a Boo Radley in their lives in some point?



Oh and I thought I would like to note this down, without a vote my english name is now Kaylen. Ok and cool since it sounds kinda unique.


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