Sometimes I thought I understood, but things just flips back and show me otherwise


HERE’S A PHOTO OF ME IN MY FAVORITE JEEP RIDE ft. Mount Merapi ! And that wonderful ride that made the peak of my knee injury T>T

So I went for a checkup today… and ended up with physiotherapy and some weird gastroenterology thing which I am pretty much scared of but, life. Meanwhile I don’t know if training will be a good thing for me, mentally otherwise that is.

And the physio appointment was all the damned way to october. Hmm. Okay and who says Singapore is not overpopulated huh? I will have to take better care of myself and not be a burden, because now I know trying not to trouble others sometimes ends up in inflicting more trouble on them thereafter. Trust me I will be in good hands (my hands) ! And I am grateful.


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