LEX 2013: 13 days too vast, 13 days too fast.

Anyone, everyone, who gave me so much to look back upon and smile this dream.

This pictures aren’t out yet but I thought of writing this post because I needed a space to list down my thoughts, for memories’ sake, for hope that maybe I wouldn’t feel this melancholy here. I couldn’t really feel the sadness until I actually saw Solo Airport. It’s like then, at that  moment everything from the past 13 days came and engulfed wme. But I didn’t want to join the club where everyone is missing everything and everyone and the whole atmosphere was just so, bitter.

I don’t like being bitter.

I just want to say how grateful I am for my entire group, for all the UPN students and for the lecturers. I never expected myself to be so fortunate that in my very first overseas involvement project I got the best group I could ever ask for. To be honest, I was skeptical the first time I saw you guys. Quiet, guarded. Reserved. And I ain’t exactly different either. But boy none of us expected it to be so fine in the end. Slow warmers, but so vehement, so lovable. I couldn’t find a better word. Lovable. All of them. Languages proved to be just an imagined barrier, strangers proved to be just a thin line from families. To quote;

We eat together, bathe together, shit together, eat together, sleep together, We are brothers.

That sounded more cliche then I meant it to be but literally, I never got so close to a group of people so fast before. I never had open up so easily before, you guys have that special talent you know. Maybe it was the insults, but it was really amazing how it didn’t create conflicts. Everyone, myself, so flawed, so different, so greatly judgmental. No doubt unlike poles attract.

I like how stereotypical we are.

I like how everyone secretly unleashed their inner racism yet no one gets offended.

I like how we are a clique, a group.

I like how hormonal we are.

I like how, every time bad jokes are cracked no one gives a shit.

I like the bond we share,

and I like how everyone felt emotional at the end. Sounds weird, but to me it shows how much we cherished this friendship and it really touched me. Because I cherish it too. Because I will miss everyone, because we all have no idea how long will it take for time to fade this out, or whether can we uphold against time. Whether even after prolong period of not meeting each other will we be able to sit together one day and still behave the same way we did. I hope we will be able to, I hope you all do too.

I will miss and remember every one and every event.

I love you all!

Meanwhile probably I will steal the photos from facebook when it’s up and do up another post which ain’t so sad.

and LOL i found this on my tumblr feed. Sounds familiar?


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