Every little man holds a chainsaw.

But not every little man is fabulous! ! HAHAH ok I am really happy and at ease now that my exams are FINALLY OVER. Allow me to give myself a minute of self ovation.

But I still feel kinda hyped and baffled about ending my second year in poly. It’s like the part of growing up you desire yet because you did not fully live it to the fullest you regret. Or it could be only me, regretting at 18 years old I really think a soul of an eighty years old resides in me. And since next week I will be going to Indonesia for a learning trip, the feelings I held is now mixed with anxiousness and fear. Remember once I posted how I am a very paranoid individual? Yes I still am  and every day I think about ways I could die there, how I might get human trafficked how I could fall into a deep pit and fracture my bones, how I could roll down the cliff and no one realised it. Its never ending. Not because the country is unsafe but because I just am, bad description but, wimpy? But I guess I would have to take it as it comes.

Side note : I really get pissed by kids who run for the mrt seats. Like, what the hell you are a young fucking kid you can stand on your own do you really have to RUN to an empty seat? And the worst part is when the parents encouraged that. I know every kid is a gem in their parents eyes but this? Dont you feel a bit embarrassed when your kid is rid of all graciousness and feel a need to sit down for a 5 minute ride in the train? As a young kid and not realising they could stand on their own and how they could possibly let the parents or other older commuters sit down?
I might be overly judgemental but, they spoil my image of kids. Tho there are really pleasant ones…

And what would my post be without a picture….



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