“I think the happiest day of my life, will be the day that I die!” – Song from Good Charlotte

HEYYYYYYY. My exams aren’t totally finish but I had a bit of time at hand so whatever. 


I wanted to record my dream again. But this time, it was not like a clip of a horror film, it was not as realistic as the stalker scare. It was so unreal, yet like all dreams, inside I felt like I never did, It was real at that moment, And I wanted it to be, however though waking up I could then logically think. No it can’t be real. Well here it goes (like always, I will type in my point of view, never got to be a third party in my dreams. cool AND SIDE NOTE. now I find my sub concious really hilarious) : 


It started abruptly, like, you never really know how you start a dream you just do. And like all memorable dreams I do not, at that point actually realise I was dreaming. So it all came forth really logical. And so I plunged into it.

I think I was walking along this unknown street and suddenly a man came out of nowhere, appearing to be chased be a crowd of angry civilians. And he saw me, I remember only the eyes and nothing else. (It was a long moment, considering this is a dream and stuff…) Then he turned, it was just that I saw he was wearing this pair of white leather gloves. And he said “You want to see me burn? You want to jnfdijfngaosun (note I forgot this part)? FINE. ” 

And he took the gloves off. (Now the speed of the dream quickens) Of course, the angry mob kept charging towards him and all this while I hadn’t moved an inch. Odd, but it was like he was trying to protect me. (funny part starts) Every thing he touch was torched. Flaming, the whole street was suddenly really dark, like smoke from a really big fire and the people ran. Burning I had no where to go. Somehow, I was engulfed in flames. Big, strong, orange flame. I think I died. I think, he killed me. 

So the scene changed, I was with that man, another guy and a lady. A really beautiful lady. Somehow I wasn’t affected by the sudden company and we were kinda like family. Or it feels very much familiar at that point. It was in my mind then that we have to stick together, it makes us stronger and at then, that man was like the best thing that ever existed. I have no idea well but he seemed to be everything I adored. We were, running again. This time in a really big enclosed area. Long story short, we, me and the lady got trapped in a room with the comatose girl. She was really vivid. 

I thought of continuing, but it was a really long dream. Really really long. But those were the parts I found intriguing. I always thought of dreams to be of either fore-signs or desires of my sub concious. I get a lot. and by that I really mean a truckload, of deja vus. I get images of places, musics and conversations and sometimes it totally creeps me out. Superstitious, is the word for me.   


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