Books don’t offer a real escape but they can stop a mind from scratching itself raw.


I thought of focusing on revisions for the final exam but no.

I just can’t, why do I lack determinations.








So I came here again since I was procrastinating already…. might as well update my thoughts and record some events..






You know how sometimes you can sit back and simply drift off, mentally and then you somehow end up reflecting on certain things you have done or certain words you said? And normally those would be words of regret and actions of embarrassment. Basically things you wish to be rid off but impossible is the task. Yeah I had that moment very so often and it’s, not very favourable. No, it is not favourable AT ALL. I hate that I couldn’t have an open mind to condone my own mistakes and the fact that I am probably a horrible human being still not yet mature enough to move on with my life and I even feel the emotions I felt then. I think maybe I have to pay a visit to some zen temples in the deep mountains to meditate to learn how to do so but then again there is a very high chance I would get kicked out from there due to various reasons that would again, define me as a horrible human being.















It had been the Chinese Lunar New Year and this supposing happy event was trashed and trampled on the very ground of Singapore by our very own SP examination board. WHERE IN THE LOVE OF GOD HAS THEIR LOVE FOR STUDENTS WENT? Probably in the deep abyss of the education loophole. Well complaining does nothing but it is a kind of remedy for my personal whines.

And what would be CNY without the new clothes and shoes we have been resisting our urges to wear them since forever? Nothing beats the feeling of wearing them and going out to visit your families after a year of possible hostility and lack of communication. Because of traditions,  the hostility will be replaced by generosity and open minds.

Most of the time they do.

and here’s a happy me in my new clothes. I don mainstream-ities. Bite me right? HAHA


On another note, tomorrow’s Valentine’s Day, have a wonderful Thursday readers. I don’t think VD is only for couples, of course its mainly for them to celebrate their love for each other but hey, love exist within friends and families to. So take the day to appreciate the amount of love in our lives, I know i certainly do, there isn’t much to count for anyway. As I mentioned I am not a awesome human being.

Take care lovelies.

p.s. First time I addressed readers. Because ya’ll know the statistics bar of wordpress, I realised actually people (some small few) reads my posts, well thanks although I created this blog to keep track of myself. Hey I hope you judged me positively. ^^ 


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