Concrete Happiness.


Chinese new year, or lunar new year. A legit reason for chinese or anyone who celebrates this occasion to spurge on new clothes, great food and relax. Wonderfully calibrated for families to gather together after almost a year of hostility. All because of beliefs. Or sometimes history. But no matter the reason no ine will question the sense of belongingness it brings. I like CNY. But how much if the love I have lost, is directly proportionate to what all these years of education and schooling academically and socially has done to me. I couldnt even sit my ass down to relax because I have to study. Maybe i am going too hard on myself. But if I dont who will?

Then again. Year 2 is finally ending. Throw your confettis and power up your engines. Moving forward and I never want to look back. The ugly the beautiful, its enough to have gone through it once in a life time.


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