Everybody’s Fool.


I cannot make myself speak more anyhow. Not because I don’t want to, but since simply because I grew tired of execting a certain kind of reaction to my statements. Tired of getting people to understand, as what is the purpose of getting anyone to do so when technically,  no one cares. Maybe not everyone but most of them don’t. And at this stage of life people I adore and are close to are too far away. Physically and mentally. What have life offered to give to the little souls in exchange when they took up the offer. Or simply, blinded by the unknow we jumped on the wagon of life? Like pigs going to the slaughter house, you just need one to go in the rest would follow.

Regardless of the cries of agony they would follow;
Regardless of the blood flowing out through the cracks of the wall they would follow.

In the end, is it arguable that it is pure folly, or the deep belief of they own kind that they will not make any mistake?


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