Hiatus? Oh BS.

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  • Cute song. But yeah I probably could lay off blogging for a fixated period of horrific time.


    Not kidding its like my personal quick escape so it COULD NEVER BE STOPPED AT WILL. Bite me right? Anyway mad mad rush. And I screwed up stuff at home again the other day. It seems like nothing in my brain says ‘this human I am in is good at ________’ . No, simply not a teeny weeny percentage. I really hope February comes and goes as soon as possible, although I do know it certainty will do so without me telling it to, just thought maybe God will hear this rhetorical question and do things like how He does with a similar question of ‘Can my days get any worst.’ Yes even if when March comes it signifies the end of my second year, it brings forth a whole new level of experience awaiting, a whole new chunk of days and weeks I will enjoy, with people I love and people I adore.

    What’s there to life if there is not one thing you anticipate at the end of every dark tunnel you go through? Side note I think dark is just a word to briefly describe days, when time passes as a whirlwind and people get stressed, busy and occupied all they feel are darkness, because things happens too fast its a blur, you could not bring yourself to stop and see the light that is always out there. So take a break whenever you can, see what’s there for you, because for everyone, I believe we each have our own share of Heaven.

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