Majority of the time I start days off like, Oh it’s XXday again, I am so sick and tired of the same routine everyday and I hate doing these things again. But at the end of the day I almost always end up in thought like, hey today went well. It wasn’t always as bad as I thought and imagined it to be. Because everyday may be the same, but the people changes. It might be slight but they do, everyday. And the scenarios, the topic, the fun and the bore point changes. It’s different, and it will continue to be.

So today I will try to start the day without judging it even though I did get a tad pessimistic in the morning because I woke up in spasms and I had no idea what I was dreaming about and then my morning routine was kind of disturbed by my mom. But ….


P.s. I’m typing typing in the train with my phone and it’s like a jammed packed sardine can. Not really part of the sardines tho I got myself a seat because I bounced trains. YAY FOR KIASU-ISM !!


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