YAY I SAT MY ASS DOWN FOR THIS BLOG POST! This is going to be one of those post that i actually straightforwardly put my life out here on a platter served with both hands to the unknown internet community of what could be zero readers. So anyway here!



so that was my sister’s finger. I think I am obliged to point that out because I will judge my character if I had those nails. No stereotypes here, just weirdness. And if of any interests, we went for all 3 exhibitions as i was really interested in the FuJian one as my sister was with the photography one.

I don’t know if this is actually legal, me posting this photos. But no copyright infringement intended!





Okay at this point it has dawned to me that I will not upload all of the photos i took because I had to do this one by one and nope not a hard process at all, but  the tragic truth lies that I am a lazy twat. And wordpress is not helping by ignoring my new photos and kept uploading the same image for me each time.

But on the bright side here’s my favourite one.



Beware of the winds of life that nibble away at your sense of self. Stay strong. (2008)


The torsos! If the words arent visible it basically sums up to how it would be pointless in life if everyone looked and behave the same way. There is also the triangular one and the square one. Especially took a liking to the triangular one, because its in a cool position. Come on who actually stands like him?



When children want to be invisible, they simply hold their hands over their eyes, making it so they can’t see the world. Then they reason that the world can’t see them either. Sometimes we keep using this trick, even when we grown up. (2009)

Another one of my personal favourite.


In the emotions sections. The coolest. And the skulls.PhotoGrid_1356789393538


yeap i think that sums up my biases toward these particular pieces. All of them in the basement of this amazing building!

The Singapore Art Science Musuem.


And its lego twin.


And here’s me


And my sister,

20121221_170015 20121221_165944

Playing with the shadow projector at the exhibition…

Us with the ticket feeling alot of love for ourselves so explains the selcas..

Camera 360

Camera 360

AND lastly my attempt to be equally artistic photographically but apparently I lack the basic talents.


Peace out.



Stay blessed and love everyone.


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