Something from the Art of Bricks. Haven’t get my sloth ass down to give it a proper full post it deserves. But yeah I shall instead proceed to random blogging. It helps me think in ways. Tho I will not feel that I have a very complicated life for my so often need to sort out thoughts. Maybe I just complicate stuffs. Or maybe I like to think of it as complicated so I have something to do instead of living life like a puppet. It could also be that I have different experiences every day that I found foreign and hence needed time to learn and impute it into me. Sound like a bot but I bet that’s the reason for most thoughtful days. I think my blogging style has changed over the years but does this also mean I am changing? People tell me I have changed a lot since my secondary school but I assume they meant my appearance. Why not my character, I think it’s because I did not consider the fact that I might have changed in that aspect too. But I hope and think it’s all for the good because I have not heard any complains so far but it could be they are silently noting the bad points but keeping them to themselves. I don’t know what to feel for the latter. Oh it could also be that because my choices in songs have strayed from rock and metal to jazz and indie. I rarely listen to metal now. More at peace? Tho the always have awesome lyrics they are more towards the the-world-hates-me-and-I-hate-the-world side of the spectrum. It’s good music, but I think I messes with the way I think and feel a tad so I will try to keep straying from it. No idea if this is going to be a chunky paragraph cause I’m doing this post on my phone but let’s move on to paragraph here

Lately because of the YouTube videos I am watching I am more determined to go to the UK for my uni studies. It is and will be my motivator for good results, I just have to learn how to put in into my flabby brain and get myself on track in the proper times. Because even with terrible horrible lessons learnt I still do shit that even I would like to kick myself in the head for. Buck up weizhu. This post in going to the direction of a real personalised style of blogging. Cool new. Ok ciao.

No I will end with a photo.



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