Some say, we’re never meant to grow up.

You know as a teenager I get a truckload of emotions now and then and it’s totally not cool, getting ambushed by your own feelings like that. And now at this time of the night yeah as this post goes on its apparent that I am getting brutally assassinated by my emotions truck now.
Yeah I feel indignant. I feel, like that little piece of eraser you have in your pencil case that you promised to not lose and use it till the end, but you lost it anyway and bought a new one. Yes I felt like the eraser people always lost. Not like I know exactly how it feels because I do have times that I lose mine too, but yes I think I feel a tad like it now. Like used, loved and valued but now just ignored and insignificant. How can anyone even do that. How should anyone even feel like this. It is not, fair. I think I suck for feeling this way. I need to step up in order to play this game of life.



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